Level One. Halloween.

Level One. Halloween.

By Michelle Lloyd.

It was oh so near Halloween and to Sammy scarily apparent it did seem,

the pumpkins were out and all around they did glow and gleam.

Halloween, he heard whispered and shouted almost everywhere,

but what was the fuss about and should Sammy give someone a scare?

It was an occasion and certainly a well known about event,

but in regards to Halloween an awful lot could be learnt.

Halloween was a public occasion and a harvest time historically shown,

but in recent days it was not always the fruits of the festival that were known.

Pumpkins could be symbolic for the protectors of what had been laid,

it meant that in lighting and displaying them an important message was made.

Having a knowledge of Halloween meant embracing a part of the past,

and in learning the importance a different notion in Sammy’s memory could last.