Level One. Garden Glamour.

Level One. Garden Glamour.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Mr Gully had often heard the term bandied about,

it could bring about laughter, cries and shouts!

Upon gardens was where he spent a lot of time gazing down,

dressed were they in all sorts of guises and gowns.

It was fun for Mr Gully all the beauty to see,

Garden Glamour could make people, pets and wildlife awfully happy.

Colourful carefully placed pots could parade along the paving tiles,

and flowers or beauty laden blossoms neatly grow for miles.

In actual fact though Gardens could many treasures bestow,

of this little secret many wildlife had gotten to know.

A bit of a fountain, bird bath or food put out with care,

could nourish and the many riches of life would it share.

Garden Glamour could mean much to many and that was certainly true,

but for Mr Gully it was the thoughts of the wildlife that it drew.