Level One. Flip Flop’s Happy Christmas.

Level One – Flip Flop’s Happy Christmas.

By Michelle Lloyd.


Flip Flop loved all things Christmas and all of the lights too,

at home there was so much happiness in all there was to do.

Cards of Christmas he had watched arrive at the door,

it was a sign of all the lovely parts img047 (2)of Christmas that Flip Flop did adore.

Each year Flip Flop and family would buy gifts for the ones they love,

these were put in sock shaped covers while Father Christmas sent a present from above.

This year everything was done but it was the stockings that had to be filled,

Flip Flop put more in than he should and so they started to spill.

Flip Flop had taken all of his most loved toys and of the objects that he did like,

he decided to gift these in a stocking to family but was having trouble fitting in his bike!

When Flip Flop’s Mum saw what he had done,

she did not have the heart to stop all his Christmas fun.

Flip Flop’s Mum explained that it was his love at Christmas that was important to show,

no gift or present could be better if of his love they did know.

Flip Flop loved the stockings and of that he was sure,

at Christmas it was about gifts and Father Christmas but there was also so much more.

Christmas was a time when Flip Flop knew that love was what most filled his heart,

it was at Christmas that Flip Flop and his loved family could never in spirit be apart.


Happy Christmas!