Level One. Do as I Do.

Level One. Do as I do.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Being a parent was not at all easy and in fact it could be quite tough,

teaching life lessons to offspring who at times believed they were grown up enough.

Sometimes they simply would not listen, or sometimes they deliberately would not do,

it was difficult trying to keep up with encouraging methods for the fast growing few.

At times they could be rebellious, grumpy or wanting to play,

before anyone knew it, and it was nearly at the end of the day!

Achievements came with patience and time, and this was a rule for them all,

no rudeness or bad behaviour could the life skills permanently stall.

It was not always about loves, likes or even having a studious mood,

this was a trying lesson but it was successfully learnt by the brood.

If you learnt the serious life lessons and you had a few basic skills to your name,

then you could get about playtime and still get ahead in the game.