Level One. Decoration.

Level One. Decoration.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Decorations, here and there, decorations almost everywhere!

At all the colours, lights and toys, puppy could not help but stare.

Nothing looked the same as it had once done before,

everything was covered in glowing reminders of what there could be in-store…

Proudly perched, happily strewn about ornaments, it was hard for puppy to even see,

where he was going or that he had just bumped into grandpa’s knee!

Puppy was extremely taken by the lights and decorative sights,

it took him on trips of extraordinary, happy, perceived imaginary flights.

In his puppy excitement he felt that all the decorations were for him,

he was most put out and perturbed when at the end of the night they did dim.

Puppy grew familiar with the fact that the decorations were meant for everybody,

and he learnt that he could take part with the activities around the tree.

Slowly but surely for Puppy decorations became a lovely and happy part,

of being at one with the family and making it a happy, beautiful Season’s start.