Level One. At Halloween.

Level One. At Halloween.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Halloween, whispered and shouted almost everywhere,

but was all the fuss about giving someone a scare?

Costumes and disguises had been chosen by almost everyone,

in readiness for this fantastical opportunity there was going to be some fun.

It was a highly acclaimed occasion about which many were spookily keen,

but in regards to the time of Halloween, what did it mean?

Halloween was a public occasion and historically in the harvest it was shown,

but in recent times it was not usually the fruits of the festival that were only known.

Pumpkins symbolic for the protectors of what had once been upon the lands laid,

it meant that in lighting and displaying them, an important message was made.

A little knowledge of Halloween meant embracing a natural part of the past,

and in learning the importance of this, a different notion in many memories could last.