Level One. Art.

Level One – Art.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Art was a class that Sammy had to pass at school,

but he had trouble holding the given out tools.

Not a brush or pencil could he keep in hand,

it was why he found Art such a difficulty to understand.

If he could not do as others like him did,

then it was as a failure at Art that Sammy himself bid.

It took one find with a fellow mate in class,

for Sammy to know that it was not with a tool that he had to pass.

Art was about how he could show what he did know,

and about this there was many a direction he could go.

If one means did not with Sammy fit in,

he found that he could use another with which to win.

What was important was how you could do what you could do,

and this was a lesson that Sammy never knew.