wish and intriguing spiritual assistance

Although the circle has not recovered from a recent cold spell which we have had, we hope that this will be resolved, along with the help of spiritual aid as soon as possible.  This blog features a link back to the question of want and desire.  Spirit, in circle, often visit with the love to heal and provide positivity.  There are often moments in circle where validations and seconds of shared experience provide the spiritual assistance which is needed.

Sometimes it is not enough to want something.  There is much to be had in having a contentment in the material things which can come in to your environment but also it is sometimes the things which we have already or have had which we overlook.  Spirit, do not necessarily remind us of the material things we have shared, more it is the memories and the love which are remembered.  In circle, we often have the encounter of the most personal kind, when we are open and exposed to the moment when spirit give the slightest touch or sentimental validation.  This is not to suggest that people should not have wants, wishes are the things which give our hearts life.  Dreaming and making a desire a reality can be rewarding; and can be aided by spirits.  The native American spirit who visit our circle, graciously remind us of the rights which we have loaned from the Earth.  Our wish and wants are too at one with the path we have on Earth, and so too should we try to give back as we receive.  Not once, through trance, or through an experience in circle have spirit stated that one should not progress with a wish, guidance given and sentiment understood a wish should be expressed if it is what is needed.

Spirit too have wishes and whilst this is expressed through links and love given to those which surround us, it is still a desire to make good.  Making good on an aim is likely to bring joy but also remember that what is put out can return.  Energies which leave us with a positive means can multiply.  Expression of want is good within reason and is something which has been carried out through the ages.

Recently more understanding has been brought about regarding wishing for something and the amount that positivity can help with this.  Like and in a similar vein throughout history ceremonies and ritual have been held to aid along with desires.  Native American tribe would hold chants and dances to aid with needs but never loosing the understanding that you have to be cautious with what you wish for. 

Wishes are certainly a part of progression, to hope for something is good, to attain and to realise a dream is good.  Spirit only help with noticing our pasts, present in specific ways and give way to helping with the future.  It is in our understanding and the way we shape our action which makes points.  These points will help sway as to how we are then seen and can view others and our approach to what we have and what we need.  Our lives can be rich and have treasures, at times that we have not even noticed.  One size does not fit all.  One approach to spirit can not fit everyone’s needs.  In the same line, a wish, left unsaid is just an idea on the breeze but a positive dream come to fruition is the building block of life. 

Recently, spirit in circle and in trance have shown what love can do.  In the same fashion, love behind a wish can set it on its way.  If the right move is made in helping to make a wish come true then along with your help it can be possible.  Over the age, many people have gone to wise men, Shamans and spiritual guides.  Often, the answers they want are lying close to themselves.  First, look and know if the want you have is not something which you have had and is something that you must have.  If this is the case, then along the process of open thoughts and clear aims you must uptake.  Just as in the historical eras people have looked for the right moment and way to do something, so too must the person who has a want look for the right individual way for them.

There is no incorrect path, as long as you keep in mind that love and balance is important.  At times, things look bleak and it is then that sometimes people will feel that they need so many things.  Just keep close to the heart the sense that sometimes we have to give priority to things which seem unexpected so that the more settled and expected can make its way over.  If something is worth aiming for, then take the time to settle on the right path to bring that.  If we want to learn from spirits, then it can be their wisdom and intriguing sense of finding out the information we need at the right moment.

Native American spirit, spiritual thinkers and philosophers have all given potency to the idea that to put effort into something alongside the ask and the inquiry for it can be a real assistance to achieving.  It is necessary to combine yourself with any want because it is this giving and trying to put into words what you want that will help.  As Sioux, conventional philosophy and certain spirits have suggested giving that little amount of effort and love to what you want can make a dream reality.  In many instances, questions and queries are made for things that are not truly needed or will in some way unbalance others.  It is not, achieving to push yourself back in gaining some want which is not necessary or will not help you.  This is why, many spirit have said, that if you look to your heart, yourself and you still want then in some asking for it and some asking for aid it can come true.  Love and ambition can aim for more than you know.

Look beyond your dream, just to tell if what you have asked for will bring happines s and contentment in more than what you already have.

 Just as spirit, exhibits of love and message s from spirit show a dream followed with the right backing and positivity can make it true.