Table shaking trance physical sitting

Magic and mayhem

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 23rd January 2012.  The objects in the room on the table were the two trumpets and the ring.  The red light was switched on.  The curtains were tightly drawn and pegged.  The door was ensured closed and the members all took their seats.     

The member who has the drum began with the starting piece, and the opening of circle words were said.  The introduction was calm and the room temperature was still.  Albeit there was no fluctuating in heat or cold.  Everyone felt the same temperature as they descended into trance.  The time did not go on too long before there was a new feel to the circle and room.  A coolness came into the room and particularly in one corner this coolness highlighted the glowing of one of the objects dangling and made it look green and showed that it had slight movement.  One of the pictures on the wall also gave off a small shaft of light, the light looked as if it was moving, and then within a matter of minutes the first spirit made a move to start to talk through a medium to circle.  With kind words, he started to speak and particularly mention the subject of finding oneself.  Who are you, he put the question out and stated that most people might be able to answer that question but not entirely.  For knowing oneself inside out was notoriously something which had to be worked on and explored.  There is much which hinders our finding out of who we are.  Negative forces are there but negativity should not be looked upon as just that.  For there are many types of negativity just as there are emotion; love is not just one type.  Negative has to meet positive.  There needs negative force but not in a negative sense and this meeting of a more negative electrode in scientific metaphor would meet the positive, just as in a battery.  The spirit was keen to open his explanation out to meet the theme of exploring and welcoming a new kind of being and acting which helps to highlight you.

After the words, there were a number of flashes of light.  The lights were small, sometimes with blue or green tinges.  Moreover there were expansions or stripes of light.  These were noticible around members and around the lighter areas of the room.  Particularly around the circle there was a shadow or dark line.

Within the darker area, such as spots which grew lighter and with no explanation the temperature gave heat and cold off.  There were a lot of plane images which flashed up.  Older fashioned planes, black and white which related to one of the medium’s personal background.  Although, as the plane images came up one after another it was also noted that it could signify a link and connection to something else.  This aviator theme continued, more planes were shown.  The circle was left with images of places and people who shared a connection with planes.

Next, there was a gentleman who was dressed in brown.  The man was with hat and stood inside the circle.  Alongside this was the image of a young lady who was clutching a note pad and the name Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Without hesitation this lady had followed this theme of investigation and made notes.  There was also the date of 1940.   

After research it can now be noted that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a poet, novelist and physician.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did have a connection with the month of June and June 1940 as it was on this date that his love and second wife passed to spirit.  Sir Arthur was a person who investigated spiritualism with a heart to establishing the fact behind mysticism.  His was one of the first Professor Challenge, The land of Mist.  

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came into the circle shown dressed in brown and also it should be noted that on seeing this the temperature in the room dropped, the white particle like veil was also shown but only up to knee level.   

Before noting down how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work relates to the spiritual events in circle there were three individual items which were seen which should be noted.  A hand was seen not attached but just on its own at the start of circle.  At first, circle saw the genteman with brown colour and the name, it was after this that the Indian figures were seen, wearing Sari and bright colours.  On research into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the colour brown it can now be shown that one of his works of fiction not only relates to the colour he was showing but also the hand which was seen moving round the circle.  The brown Hand published in the Strand magazine in 1899.  The Brown Hand was a work written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and encapsulates the faith of Muslims, featuring India as a main theme alongside spirits and ghosts.  The story is one which shows that one person’s faith in how they move to spirit can hinder thier progress.  The story not only shows that spiritualism plays a part in an everyday issue but also relates personally to the circle.  A remarkable link which was shown as the story connects spiritualism and one of the members of the circle is  Muslim.   

Prior and near to the begining of the circle the name of Houdini was mentioned.  Houdini, although not present in circle himself through spirit made himself known through intriguing means.  The girl in the picture, suspected to be closely linked as Houdini’s personal love was present and showed quickly after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  The link of the two figures is also in itself, and after research, to be noted as the couple and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were linked.  Houdini was in awe of planes.  Aviation was a subject which he did start to involve himself in and moreover it was with this is mind that he bought his first plane, a Voisin.  Houdini toured Australia in 1910 and with his Voisin he was noted to be the first man to fly a plane in an aerial flight in Australia.  This claim was taken over and investigated into by the Aero Club of great Britian and the Aviation Historical society of Australia whereupon it was stated that it was Colin Defries who was to be noted the first person but only by one day.  It was only by a matter of a few hours that Colin on Defries had made a flight to be called the first in Australia.  The Australian Postal Service in 2010 remarked that Houdini could not be left out as he was part of the aero history of Australia and played a role in introducing it.  Investigation came up yet again.  A young lady was seen much similar to the one in the photograph with Houdini, his mother and wife.  More than this the name of Beth was also mentioned along with this, two of the mediums getting a name, one which connected with one of the mediums and also Beth came again with the image.  Prior to seeing her the name was remarked on and after research there is a lady who simillarly matches the one shown in circle with the name of Bess.  This young lady was seen clutching a notebook and showing the circle that she had the papers for the investigation; this containing of notes is oddly reminiscent and after research to be revered as something which in later years Houdini did in attempts to investigate spiritualism.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who was a firm believer in Spiritualism and during this date, 1920s, he was intrigued by the investigations of Houdini.  Houdini had started to look into spiritualism, more particularly he wanted to prove and detect the true mediums.  Famously, he started to investigate and put people into the spotlight, wanting to be in attendance of séance and circles, he would wear disguise and take a policeman and reporter.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle refuted Houdini’s substance of experimentation and went further to put into the arena the case that Houdini could himself have possessed spiritual abilities and demonstrated it with in his displays of magic.  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle went on to state that it was possible that his supernatural and more particularly his spiritual means which allowed him to put his stunts to the test.  In the consequent ages Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in 1939 released a book which talked of the situation and the implications.  Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were renowned to become public enemies.  This subject of spiritualism was to be one which commenced much debate and contention between them, and yet in circle they too did not come to stand and show themselves together but one close to the circle and one in the circle with the young lady who looked extremely like his wife Bess; the fact of this shown in close connection is itself remarkable.

Both gentleman, Houdini and Sir  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle helped to show truths and falshoods.  Sir Arthur Cona n Doyle helped to set up the Court of criminal Appeal in 1907.  Houdini also founded and started his investigative search into spiritualism following the loss of his mother, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle started his investigation and concern into Spiritualism following the loss of his two nephews from which he lost in World War I, in circle the two boys were seen who were showing themselves as brothers and followed the man with the brown clothes.  Following the sad loss Sir Arthur Conan Doyle started up the ghost club which thrives in founding true spiritual accounts.  

Houdini had promised, that if he could, he would come back with a message for his love.  The message would be in a code.  Bess, held a séance every year on Halloween for the return and code form message from Houdini, yet it was not to be.  On the Halloween of 1936 she put out the candle flame on the top of the Knickerbocker hotel, this was the flame which had been burning beside his picture.  In 1940 she stated that she had waited ten years for her husband.  The tradition of a séance or circle for Houdini still continued, and is upheld by Sidney Hollis Rander who is an afficiana do from Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Next, in circle one of the medium’s started to see spirit.  It was at this precise time that the red light started to flick up and down.  One of the mediums also started to speak about the lights which could be seen; the circle put their hands on top of the table and it was then that it started to move.  Shaking, the table could be felt shivering and on top the trumpets vibrated.  After research, it was with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that many images and items would materialze and show on top of tables.  Out of thin air items would show themselves on table tops.

Snow was seen in circle.  With this also the name Scott and mountains.  It was two separate sitters who saw snow and then mountains near one of the sitters.  It can also be noted that after research Captain Robert Falcon Scott made two epeditions to the Antartic and was connected in an investing of someone to search something.  Captain Scott wanted to be the first to climb and reach the top of that mountain and Houdini wanted to be the first to fly the plane over Australia.  Also it should in part be noted that it was on 23rd January the same date of eve as when the circle was held Captain Scott first noticed that one of his team was not well.    

A people were seen in the circle.  It was a group of gentle people with particular clothing and seen as being from Papa New Guinea.  A  Tribe in Papa New Guinea.  After research into this it can be shown, independantly the official Papa New Guinea, is a country, in Oceania, occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea.  It is one of the least explored culturally and geographacially.  There are many animals which are being found in new species and forms.  Exploring once again showing itself, it is not only a place which is shaping and defining but one which relates in part to Houdini, as it once again refers to Australia.  In the early nineteenth century was Papa New Guinea known by the name Melanesia.

In circle the tribe members showed their pursuit of spirit.  It was also an established image around them by a number of the mediums that they had green, forest like backgrounds.  It can be stated that after research, substance based agriculture is the bases for the tribe’s passion and living.  In 1975, Australia was broken away from Papa New Guinea.  Not only, does Houdini have a connection but also Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote The Lost World, a novel which features exploration and uncovering new cultures.  In Papa New Guinea and amongst their tribes, as shown in circle, only 18% of people are exposed to urban lifestyle.  850 indegenous cultures exist and as many societies.

Margaret Atwood was mentioned and given to circle by entities.  On research and searching into this it can now be shown that this lady is a also a poet, novelist and environmentalist.  One of her main writing substance fields is by settler history and by unquestioned adherence to the community.  Both these fields are uncannily similar to the belief of the tribe.  Also, it is Margaret Atwood’s father who has a connection as he is a forest entomologist, thus concerned with ecology and green environment study.  These facts match with the forest and the learning of ecology shown by the tribe.  Entomolgy also matches itself with forensic science and palentology, both these topics are well suited to the tropes in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World.  It should also be noted Margaret Atwood writes about Science Fiction and faries; both these are linked with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle .  Similarities anyone?

 Tribe members were seen.  One native American gentleman with a wise face and one feather.  Zulu tribe people were also seen.  It was after this that the gentleman with brown was seen.  After research it can be stated that a fact about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was that he also served as a ship surgeon in Africa.  This was one of his first jobs and took him close to serving as a physician and could have also linked him with this Zulu tribe.

I would just like to make one small reference here to a previous circle.

Peter Kushing was mentioned as showing himself in one of the previous blogs.  In the circle he was showing a heart problem or alluding to an attack.  After research it can be confirmed that Peter Kushing tried to run up and down stairs to bring on a heart attack after the loss of his wife. 

As the circle closed the lights were turned on.  The items were checked and the ring was now in a new position after it had been moved by a circle member as it had flicked itself off the table twice. 

Pictures are of Houdini, Houdini, his mother and Bess, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and a tribe to represent the tribes of circle.