Words of spirit.

Author: | Posted on: July 24, 2013

When you are sitting and you have a care

Never think bad, always good

And never look back on what could have been

And this will put you on the right track.

These words were inspired and came when they were needed the most.  Spirit often try to give input and strength to us.  Having good beneficial outlooks does help perspective.

If we have problems it is a time when reflections may not always be the best answer but it may be a pause for perspective or looking to what is ahead.

Spirit do not have a concept of past or present.  Life for us is somewhat based on what has happened, what is happening and what will be in the future.  When spirit speak to us in trance or when they approach through reading their intentions are to engage us.

Spirit will speak on being yourself and tackling life in a way which will best fulfil what you desire.  Looking back is not what spirit appear to immerse themeselves in unless they want to remember an event they busy themselves with what brings them joy.  

Being in circle or watching as spirit take a role in lives allows for a better consideration on what is important.  Difficulties can make things seem hopeless.  Yet spiritual entities who gain a look of what has effected us and what is to be take all this in as easily as breathing and advice on numerous sitting or one to one that with if you just realise that you have your part intertwined with so many others, loved and new people who can surround rapidly with their own aid this shows trials are never faced alone even if it feels that way there is more than we know ready to be by our side.

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