With you.

Author: | Posted on: September 11, 2013

Spirit endeavour through their attachment and ever lasting love for us to still be a part of lives even when they move to a different stage of life and home.  Despite the new abode their essence isn’t lost, with an engaging of their spirit and their energy, they remain here.

Spirit of beloved people, friends and relatives are with you.  Their passions and enjoyment never fade but remain with them in spirit often coming into messages they talk on topics which had significance privately in their lives and through spirit they still continue to be.

Energy and vibrant faces of those we love usually come through when mediums engage in transferring words from the lips of loved beings to their relatives and it is with ease that people remember the lives they had and the passing which has taken them on in a different sense than what was remembered and yet one that allows free thoughts and physical awareness in a perspective not known of when they resided on this side.

If a life has run its course, allowed one to be what they were intended to then the spirit whenever the journey is made can be full and comfortable with entities being capable of seeing life on both sides.

What is interesting is that many energies who are like minded will meet and be able to give and take on stories or memorable incidents which occurred for them in life.

Loved ones are still around you.  The spirit in each individual is the heart that continues to beat be that from the physical body on this ground or the next and it is with emotional strength they are still with you no doubt with jokes and pride on what you have achieved, what they have seen you do and want to help you attain.

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