Spring and New Year.

Author: | Posted on: March 20, 2013

220px-Colorful_spring_garden[1]    Today is officially the start of the New Year cycle for many cultures.  Simultaneously correlating with the first day of spring this New Year is one which starts a new phase in the calendar but also opens up the season to health, happiness and restoration.

At eleven am this morning UK time many homes were carrying out the rituals and bringing in of the New Year.  With happiness and health at the core of many wishes it is with an open spirit that the New Year was welcomed in.  The beginning of spring is linked with birth, the dawning of buds and a sense of freedom. 

Many instinctively feel a liking for this time as it is one that heralds a plethora of vivid colours and external pursuits.  Life, renewal and re growth are at the heart of this festival and it is an event which all can take part in.

The first day of spring which is on the day of the astronomical vernal equinox, usually occurs on 21 March or the previous or following day depending on where it is observed and it is the beginning of the New Year.  It can be called Nowruz, which means “New Day” in a lot of languages marks an important traditional holiday.  A main proportion of individuals and people come to rejoice at this time and it is a vital event in such Countries as Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and by Kurdish communities in Turkey and Iraq and elsewhere.

Inspiration and internal desires are fulfilled during this time as it is believed that through the laying of a special table containing a harvest element along with fruit, mirrors and green shoots the New Year will be the start of good, spiritual and plentiful days.

It is easy to notice the Spring New Year by looking about and seeing the plants, life and early signs of the season.

When sitting it can be a most timely instant to thank for the things which have come into your day and generally refresh your routines with small but effective allusions to Spring, by bringing flowers in to surround you, spending time becoming aware of the natural waking and beginning and closing your mind to other busy needs and solely focusing on a calm sense of what you need.

New Year we all have an understanding about and a thought that it requires a set of pledges, an analysis of the year to which we say goodbye and a much awaited acceptance of the new times to behold.  We act without thinking and easily allow for relinquishing of habits and start to prepare for an intriguing and fresh beginning.

This spring event is one encompassing many concepts but primarily the fact that as the onset of a natural alteration comes in with it comes a time to look to the health and happiness of those around you.  It is a monumental event and allows one to evaluate and give thanks for the beginning which is coming into its main monthly occurrence and with the new lives and exciting days to be there is much expectance and anticipation.  Visual colours open up round you and with a real sense of the love, commitment and happiness many visit older relatives to join in a union of this momentous occasion.  Picture is taken from online encyclopaedia

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