Spiritual aid.

Author: | Posted on: October 25, 2011

Please don’t forget that beyond every action there is a thought and there is an equal reaction to every action.

A daily act of generosity from you, brings on energy, spreads outwards and joins other waves which will flow out and turn to streaks of love and compassion and float upon the stream of humanity.

Here I have included for you a little healing meditation which helps to rid tiredness and bring vitality.

Imagine that you are in a field of grass, walking with bare feet, where it feels as if the soul of your feet can feel the warmth and tickling of the grass, the heat from the sun reflects from the grass underneath of your souls, as you walk further you come across this waterfall of clear water pouring down from the rocks, step in between and position yourself under this water and feel the clear coolness of the drops pouring on you.  You should feel the water gushing down from your head, down your body, cleansing all the cells and running right down to your toes.  You should see that the impurities are flowing from your toes and getting washed out, feel the energy and the vitality, watch the impurities and dirt running from your toes.  Remain there until the water dripping from your toes runs as clear. At this moment the meditation and healing will have come to complete circle.  You can now step away from the waterfall and feel the rejuvenation.   If you know of anyone who is not feeling good then you can also take them under the water to stand with you during this process.

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    So that’s the case? Quite a rveeltaion that is.

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