Spirit love

Author: | Posted on: June 5, 2013

Spirit are often the first port of call when someone needs help and often queries are put to them in a spiritual reading.

Spirit are always just.  They have an extra sense of what is occurring thanks to their energy attuning to not only the past but also the present and future.  Day to day troubles, anxiety and incidents sometimes cause us to lose proportion and above all emotive compassion for people and events.

The cycle of justice is in practice all over the world, it just needs a little of your belief along with a heart’s sense of what is right to bring the balance of life in place.

It is difficult to find a peace of heart when something is felt to be unjust and even more problematic to learn to forgive when all you feel is anger or fury.  If something has unsettled us it is usual to want to set it right in a way we feel befits it but this is not necessarily the only or best handing of a situation specifically if it involves someone who is too buried inside the problem to see clearly, spirit often are drawn back to help resolve or settle our difficulties and do this in the best and quickest method.  We do not always know why something has happened but every day we are given a thousand moments to act, to show and for deciding what kind of a person we are.

Spirit teach a number of emotion led lessons amongst which is the ability to look beyond what takes shape at any given second in favour of looking to why it has come into a life and if there is scope to grow somewhat because of it.

In life we do not always have the time to understand or take stock of things which block, cause us to stop and even physically challenge what we think and it is because of these same issues we lose sight and sometimes sense of what is just or justifiable.

The good part of seeing and gaining a sense of spirit’s advice is that they seem to exist without vengeful thoughts or ever trying to bring ill feeling as a means to putting a situation right or as to how they feel it should be.

Spirit can clearly demonstrate what took place for them when they were on this level but they do so without malice or that tug at the moral compass which we all when we look deep enough have and this complete sense of one’s self without the need to seek out any other emotion leaves spirit whole and able to give support and unconditional sentiments to those on this side.  We receive what we give out, whether this be transparent and loving or guarded, the inside of oneself can have just as much impact as the out.  We take so much time on our appearance thinking that this is the only thing which should be considered when in reality it is the inside which reflects a true guise of who we are, what we stand for along with a means to attain exactly what we intend for other people.  Spirit are the same through and through because it is their energies which are shown to those who can see them along with a significant emotional connection to anything they loved.  The next time you have a moment to yourself, feel the loving tie you had to that person who has crossed to spirit because it is at that preside second that the same spirit will be close to you.

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