Spirit guides and astounding animals.

Author: | Posted on: August 29, 2012

Often people need help or assistance in times of their lives and it is when our clouds turn dark that our spirit guides can astound or build our strength to the point that we can continue and seek out the new and special elements in our life which await us.

Spirit guides are the people in spirit who devote themselves to working alongside mediums (individuals who can pass words from loved ones who have passed to people this side), clairvoyants (individuals who can see spirit), clairaudience (individuals who can hear spirit), clairscentience (individuals who can sense spirit), and others who are aware of spiritual energies; the spirits who work in a capacity to assist these people do so in an attempt to aid bridging the two levels and clarifying evidence and depictions of scenes surrounding and around those who have crossed over.

Spirits are not as sometimes created in films there to haunt or mystify.  It is commonly spirit who try to provide information about their lives to those who valued them.  The love and energy they bring together is due to a desire to either talk to a loved one or to enhance understanding about conditions or events particular to their passing.  Spirit guides are in essence figures to whom we can turn with questions and ask for additional support when communicating with spiritual energies.  It is with their useful ability to see and visualise both spirit people spirit side and individuals on this side of life that their blend of compassion, emotion and knowledge make tasks easier and more rapid.

It is not only to people with spirit awareness that spiritual guides come into contact, every one is born from their first day with a guide.  Whether the energy be male or female, old or young a spirit presence is sent with every soul as a means of providing beneficial aid.  The times when we are touched by grief or negative dismay are so frequently made less severe by guides and rarely are people ever aware to what extent these energies play a part in our lives.  It is never considered in general terms that when we have gotten over a trial or ordeal how much worse it could have seemed or how difficult it may have felt because the emotional distress is one which is plagued with fear and feelings of isolation.  When someone has to go through turbulence it is more than enough bursting to the brim with senses of unfairness and anger.  Rarely do moments crop up when we weigh up how much worse or more serious a situation may have become.  The guidance, even though this may come in the form of instinct or internal foresight, the strength which appears built as if from some unknown state all do so with a hand from someone who in spirit is there to assist.

Too many incidents to count leave us pondering at how we made it through, or simply how did that person come into our lives at a time when we needed it the most and the response is one normally never fully evaluated.  Life experiences can sometimes be the most poignant example to look at due to the spectrum of incidental coincidences and lucky but valuable seconds which dot our list of risky and dangerous moments.

Our guides can be known by the silent but positive intuition which comes into save us from scrapes or pick us from the jaws of danger and safely put us back on the path we need to be on.  It does not always appear in serious or defining events, though these are the ones we remember the most, it can also come to us in a dash of inspiration at a bleak juncture or as an idea in an otherwise barren situation.  Guides as such are there to give a small push to us in the event we get ourselves in a predicament or state that we can not get ourselves out of or in deed know how to realise the dreams that are hidden in our future lives.

Though I am sure there are moments when even spiritual guides are a little confounded by the surroundings we appear to choose for ourselves and drop into.

Animals who live with us as are friends, our fellow beings and represent spirit in the astounding evidences they provide:

Birds – Birds are significant and inspiring links to spirit.  It is the flock of birds which gather and synchronise their flight outside the window and appear suddenly in vast number every time an article is to be written about spirit and published on this site.  It is also birds who are overlooked in their ability to understand, their majestic beauty is praised but as intelligent creatures they do demonstrate a lot of the caring and nuturing instinct which are portrayed in the circle of life.  In circle there are birds which can be heard chirpping to life well into the night and sometimes only because they appear to be aware of spirit as they line up against the ledge outside.  The flight and perspective they gain is a good representative of the fluid movement of spirit and the surroundings which they are able to see all at once.

Dogs – Shadow, a chocolate coloured Golden Retreiver is a good and poignant example of how influential and integral a dog can become in one family’s life.  The family in members consisted of one husband and wife, although in numbers they were five due to the cat Mickey, the bird Charlie and the dog Shadow which accompanied them.  The couple were older in years and still they had blended well to become one active and loving family.  The dog and cat had become so attuned to one another that they moved like a married couple themselves, with both only needing to make the slightest move and the other knowing exactly what the other’ s intentions were.  The bird too had a firm hold on everyone’s hearts, so welcoming were the family that when someone went to see them they would all come to the door to greet them, with cat and dog padding along and so the bird would also attempt to offer his own greeting by tossing out and offering some of his bird’s seed to the guest.  The whole group were one which could not be separated and would all with cosy effect sit close by each other’s side.  Though health was not a factor that rested easily with them, all being in older years, the cat it could be seen made an effort every time he had to stand or even take a few steps, the dog too had sufffered with ailments since he was a pup and had been through numerous operations to cure his joints and as a result could now only be taken out on walks on a make shift cart.  The dog on wheels (as everyone knew him by) would be well liked by everyone and regularly enjoyed his trip down to the beach where he would then take a few painful but loved pads out on to the sand.  The lady, who took him regiularly out and about, herself had become sick and after an operation had to have time to recover.  Her husband who had a wheelchair as his main mode of movement could not attempt to take Shadow out in his cart.  It was because of this that the dejection and sadness could be seen on the dog’s face.  It was clear that he thought he had done something wrong and that as a result he was being punished and not taken out for a walk.  A friend offered that he would step in and take him on a walk each day and pull his little vehicle out into the streets and after this was accepted the routine began… Because the friend worked he could come at 5.30 pm and astounding as it was at that precise time each day Shadow would go behind the door with a smile as wide as you could imagine on his face ready for the trip out.  It was difficult to know how he knew the time and yet each day with the exception of Wednesday because that was balancing day and the man who worked at the Post Office could come later at a specific time and without exception the dog who was transformed in mood sat and ambled out slowly at only a few seconds before the friend turned up.

Cats –  At time these felines can show more empathy than expected.  Jessie was a cat who had suffered with ill health since kittenhood.  It was as he came into one family’s lives that he was set to inspire…  Half Persian and half Raggy doll breed he was a fluffy and proud cat who knew his looks earned him much acclaim.  The cat who loved to live life to the full he tried to make the most of whatever object was nearby, be it bed or stool, small or tall he would try to climb it and throw in a few death defying stunts for good measure.  Unfortunately it was with a serious medical complaint that he had to go in for a trip to the vet an uneasy process and one that had him in and out of the surgery for a time.  Having come out of a difficult lengthy stay in surgery he came out with pride and a punchy attitude to life.  It was as he came into a house now kitted out with a dog who was large and another older cat that his hackles rose.  He was tiny, granted but was he to be knocked aside.  No siree.  His furry body puffed up and he was about to spit when the dog did something that stunned.  He walked up slowly to the little ball, and despite the obvious look of wonder at something so small evident on his face, he made a tilt of his head and appealing whine to the cat wh

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