Spirit and your connections.

Author: | Posted on: March 6, 2013

Each individual morning one can be witness to numerous miracles that pass you by, things which you would normally take for granted or as matter or fact but that really if one considers are specific events.  This is true for so many occasions and if you think, ponder about it you will probably be able to list a number of things which are special and offer comfort or some kind of level of contentment in your life.

These things be it people or in the form of passions, objects or animals that you cherish should not be neglected.  Each special link that can come from the elements loved most in a life do in themselves act as connections to you and how you reflect inside and outside.

If in a life something is seen, felt or lived through often enough then it is generally accepted and not really given its reflective worth so easily moments can be overlooked and if not put in perspective, which can if put in the position of many be true to what occurs, the real cause for it being there in your life can over days and weeks be forgotten.

Sometimes it is vital to gain a sense of balance and understand the worth of things which occur.  Not every negative news should be taken to heart and the whole project be abandoned if every aspect is not correct.  Disarray can become embedded in a life if one lets things wash or float over them without understanding or being in thanks for the good that comes in life.

We go through life each day with risk, danger and trails to face.  If one offers a second to ask for help, establish something that one can implement then life suddenly gives much more than you can know and problems do not seem like mountains to trek against.

Often you hear people wish for something.  If only it could come and then life would be perfect.  The lottery, a new job or car the list goes on .. it is rarely noticed that one person says amongst all these desires that they woke up this morning and were fortunate to be part of a home, or a partnership or relationship.  When good events pass by it can be easy to let them become not more than positive luck or be happy for an instant and then go into a fall back of old habits and wants.

Knowing and moreover living with eyes wide to the realities is important but having your eyes open to little things which make life worth living is a necessity.  When an injury is averted or a reunion is made possible those are still miracles, miracle do not have to be huge life affirming events or heart stopping seconds they can be the regular minutes in a life which mean that you earn that pay rise, you feel blessed or join your family healthy at the end of a shift.

Being thankful, just gaining a level perspective on your life is enough.  If out in looking for a parking space one can ask for assitance and just from your heart plea to the Guardian spirits to help and when you arrive at your end of journey there will be more times than you can count not the basic parking zone that you asked for but one that makes life that bit easier by being adjacent to the door or somewhere extraordinairly well situated.

You as a person have so many connections.  In life there are the ones you can see and establish every week but there are ones which are unseen, concealed and need just that element of faith to be used in building on the connection.

Spirit are ready to help.  If asked and first if in life one really categorises what is essential and needs a boost to attaining it can be brought to reality easier if one asks for that hand to secure it.

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    At last, seomone who comes to the heart of it all

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