Spirit affirmations.

Author: | Posted on: February 13, 2013

Affirmations are wondrous and integral steps that a person can take towards a focused mental state on your goals, aims and how you set them in firm defining prophetic parameters. 

To make an affirmation is little known on how significant it can be but makes a true, practical and concrete improvement on how and what is important in lives.

Positive thoughts are often placed within the same concept as affirmations.  When affirmations are made it is believed that manifestations of a positive temperament will often come into one’s home. Affirmations in New Thoughts and spiritual terminology refers primarily to the practical method of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering the belief that because a difference in thinking is adopted “a positive mental attitude supported by chosen and definitive affirmations will achieve success in anything.”

More specifically, when one takes time to put what is important to them in order then multiple aspects of achievement can be rewarded.  When the desire in an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement it can then and should be repeated to one’s self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific to the dreams of the person.

When an individual puts emphasis on a prayer it can in some form manifest a metaphysical alteration in one’s condition and physically give more rapid or successful healing.  That is why when someone is feeling under the weather if the person sees themselves in visual senses getting better or recuperating from an operation then alongside the external treatment being given it can boost or alternatively add to the normal health benefits.

It is easy to sit back and absorb medical remedies but there is usually things which can be done by the person themselves and this assisted along by spirit can be the difference between a slow and labour intensive restoring of health or a miraculously speed driven healthy demeanour.

Spirit often say that when one looks at their life and really knows what is necessary and what is wanted then it is just a matter of facilitating those dreams.  Ambition and wants can be drawn near to you by making sure firstly if they are definitely something that you desire and secondly made apparent, stated out loud and then consciously written, visualised and known in one’s inner core that it will be fact.

Never forget the benefits that positive inner visualisation can bring into a life.  It is easy to say and sometimes not as well known that if practically demonstrated a little forethought into what is wanted can bring a whole list of fantasies into real terms.  Trust your inside feelings as it is what is closely associated to one and their internal knowledge that will give a hand in steering someone towards where they should be headed.  Even around your home, practice can be given to consideration of what a person wishes to bring into their life.  First cleanse the area, this is a simple technique of seeing the room or house and then mentally placing the whole section or arena in a white light.  This gives protection and calm, it helps spirit to come close and you will be ready to navigate yourself through the things which you would like to happen in the subsequent few months of your life.  You can note these down, place pictures on a cut out board or go through a series of visualisation whereby you literally seek this scene of incidents taking place.  Ask for the support of higher spirit or the strength of that body which you turn to when you need solace and know inside that the effort you have made has put you near to achieving what you have asked to become true.                

May I take this time to wish everyone out there a very happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow and may you all have a moment where your most heart felt wishes come true and you are beside the destined individual who can embrace and surround you with their love.

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