Sensing, sight and hearing.

Author: | Posted on: September 4, 2013

Spirit of those we hold dear, the people in lives who we rely, upon who we have a sense of love do not simply fade when they pass but do have a role from spirit still expressed in lives.

In a reading the sentiments of the individuals who were important to us can come through.  When a reading is sought after it is usually becaused a message is wanted, a link from someone who has passed to someone this side.  Readings are obtained often without knowing what process is entailed.

A medium can get messages through seeing, sensing or hearing spirit.  Sometimes a medium will be able to use three channels and receive images, dialogue or feel what has occured for the individual entity.  This expression be it through vision, hearing or sense will then be passed to the one for who it was intended.

It is important when learning about this kind of process to be informed about spirit connections as not every spirit will be able to voice themselves to every medium.  Just alike to life when someone takes to another if they feel at ease or comfortable, if it is someone of a similar spirit that will enhance the bond.

On sitting for any type of spiritual session it is always essential to know if the spirit is able to talk with the medium and if that dialogue is accurate.  In the first few stages one should be able to justify what is being told and if the relative from spirit is directly in tune with them.

Spirit can speak on what is to be in the future but this is not what should be thought will take place.  Spirit come and do use energy for this meeting or form of personal channel so that they can remember dates, times when people were together and life events which were what made them who they were.  It is through this role they can still be with you.

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