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Author: | Posted on: July 31, 2013

In this article I am going to refer to what spirit say on where we go when we pass and how our spirit never goes to a place too far but to a home from home.

Spirits can move, they leave the physical body but not their memory of who they were.

It is not easy to understand what we do not always see but it does not mean it is not there. 

When people talk about loved ones leaving and never being able to talk to them again it is hard for mediums to understand that because when we see, hear and converse with spirit we do just that.  We reconnect. Loved individuals who pass to spirit do not leave they just move on to a different location where they reside with the same passion and spirit.

Friends or colleagues, people who we have a relationship to and are important can still be the same spiritual beings only in a different sense.

Spirit often relay messages to those who they connected to whilst on this earth.  They do so from the spiritual plain, there are of course numerous terms for the environment where spirit go to when they leave the physical side of being and it is not with the classification that spirit are usually concerned but more the freedom of where they are.

When it is a time for someone to leave this side of life, the personality of that same person does not stop nor do the values which make them who they are.  If you had a friend who loved to paint then that gift will only be more accessible from spirit.

Being spirit is not limiting but seems from what is reported from energies to improve everything hundred fold so that smells, feelings and links are only made stronger.

The next time you turn to talk to a person who is no longer here with you in a conventional way do not be quick to assume they are no longer close with you.  Their energy and the base of who they were will surround you when you need it the most, they will be there to live through your joys, comfort you and be the loving soul they were.  Only they will be present in a more literal and free position to watch from a great height.

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