Hall of light.

Author: | Posted on: June 19, 2013


Spirit says that when we sleep that is the point at when we are closest to spiritual energy.  Often people will remember parts of their dreams, the vivid elements that seem as if they are actually occurring, and it is during these periods the spirits who attempt to come close and make themselves visible, endeavour to do so. 

Many people have stated they have seen loved ones who have passed over whilst they have been asleep.  It is as we approach dawn and between the hours of three and six that energies may more physically manifest to those on this side of life.

This may explain the dreams in which loved ones come to us and either respond to our issues or sit and talk with those who need to see them.

Dreams are when the conscious aspect of ourselves lapses and we allow a more open awareness of our other senses to begin to unfurl.  This is perhaps the reason as to why so many of our encounters with spirit do take place when we are in that state between wake and repose.  Spirit have taught about the halls where those who wish can go to see informative aspects relating to the history, culture or personal charts of the world from first to current époques with the hall of light being a bridge for those who wish a move from spiritual homes so they are able a visit with people who have not passed.     

In circle energies have addressed the concept of how the individuals on the other side can be more integrated into lives than we know and one of the means by which this is achieved is whilst the body is laid back and not worried or occupied by other thoughts.

It is easy and safe to think positively towards a loved one, ease your consciousness to a more calm one and surround your bed and room with a bubble of white light.  After the visualisation has been implemented you then just try to attain a comfortable feeling before closing your eyes, seeing a green area along a tree lined walk upon where you find your relative or friend who has passed sitting awaiting you to go sit with them to talk.

By doing this you will be entering into a temporary step from this side to a more spiritual level where you can sit and be near to a friend or family member.

The hours to come will be the opportunity to have a heart to heart with someone who you may have not seen in years.

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