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Author: | Posted on: January 12, 2012

Many people have questions over suicide and the nature or implications of what this action may produce for a spirit when they pass.  It is vital to remember that there are many varying forms that can lead someone to such a point as suicide.  There can be genetic or medical problems which lead to imbalances and health deficiencies; there can be problems as such which lead to medical depression.  This is a separate case to that of people who face situations in which they take a step which they take as a mixture of revenge, passion or hate and in which they include others.  This especially relates to situations with children or when someone takes their own life and sometimes take other’s lives along with them.   

The first category of suicide in which personal depression has caused a medically brought on type of suicide; does not effect the spirit’s path, as these energies have a place and are felt spirit side as being in a place where they need care.  The depression which has led to the person feeling so low is considered to be a disease or illness much as any which could lead to someone’s passing. 

The second category which implies a partial act to hurt others by taking your own life; and also an action which is not a result of one’s own state but also in some form and extent has left others taken spirit side, is not the same.  Although such an act is from saddness or grief, it is also one which implies guilt.  These cases can mean that as such spirits who have felt such an emotional distress which has led to them taking such an act out on others will in themselves hold themselves back.  This is not something which is dealt out as punishment and in itself there is balance which comes into question.  The holding level where such spirits reside do so because they feel an inability to move on.  Compassion from both sides can help with this kind of separation.  It can move such apathy and negativity out.     

Positive thought; Imitation visualisation. 

As if . . Ok, so when we try to visualise something we use the idea or concept of positive thinking.  This can be an excellent tool from which a huge amount of benefit can come through.

It is through sensing and visualising a positive scene that the end result can flourish.  Yes, there are times when things do not go the way they should, there are situations which leave people feeling as if things are grey and not improving, but seeing the outcome in the as if or imitation visualisation technique can help.

It is something which our ancestors, native American, African tribes all also felt helped things to take on a better shape.  The native American tribes would picture that particular things were going in the way that would help.  This was done by acting it.  If, the tribe needed food, then they would imagine this need being fulfilled and their wish they acted out in a way that they felt necessary.

In these cases the tribe acted out a successful hunting.  This action brought much benefit to the tribe.  As the action was demonstrated by tribe as a successful means for positive thought.  Also, in the fashion of this, the clan would visualise the table as covered and the stocks flourishing; this thought is not so far away from what we do in celebrating Easter or Harvests.  The positive thought or wish should not be doubted.  Good crops can come as a result.  Acting out the carrying of baskets of food and distributing nourishment helps to convey this.  

This can be followed as lessons in what we wish.  Act as if you have positive fulfillment and with your spreading of this, others will also benefit.  Rest assured, it happens to do the trick.

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  1. Tessa says:

    You’ve catprued this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!

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