Dream interpretations and prophetic visonary.

Author: | Posted on: September 19, 2012

Dreams have intrigued, caused questions to evolve and historically brought much spiritual and philosophy lines of theory into practice.  Dreams and the interpretation of their meaning, possible causes and realism have perpetually conveyed and portrayed symbolism which has later proved accurate, note worthy accounts of individual interaction and actions have all followed on from a simple dream, one’s ability to sleep and thereby see into this dimension is a topic which has been a cause for wonder, one which has been captured in literary works and in the film industry through such movies as the Wizard of Oz, Inception and Nightmare on Elm Streets.  The dream in its most basic form can have a multitude of facets from where the allusion is the safety net or the vice which can instantly rip the dreamer from their haven and drop them into a zone to which they are unprepared for and it is this aspect which has worked to such astounding effect in some of the most well known movies.  Although whilst most theories are built in to encroach upon this belief, there is a historical path which has proved that the ancient Australian thoughts on animism and even 7th Century stories which have sprung from dreams around King Gilgamesh give weight to the idea that there might be more to dreams than first thought, and in fact more in what one experiences than just the visions which come to you when you are snuggled deep into the covers and rested on your bed… 

Opinions and argument about the meaning of dreams have varied and shifted through time and in cultures. Dream interpretations date back as early as 5000-4000 BC. The earliest dreams to be recorded were acquired from materials dating back approximately around 5,000 years, in Mesopotamia, the dreams were documented on clay tablets. In Greek and Roman eras, the people believed that dreams were direct messages from the gods, or from those who have passed and that there was the possible notion they predicted the future. Some cultures practiced dream incubation; most vividly depicted with the intention of cultivating dreams that are prophetic.  In Egypt such practices were maintained as it it was felt that if care and awareness were given to such areas of the consciousness then much healing, advice (in the form of Oracles) and knowledge could be achieved by intentionally endeavoring to be alert to the visions and images in dreams.

Spiritually Wang Chong (27-97) predicted dreams were the time when the soul could actually leave the body and visit the places seen in this unconscious realm.  His theory speculated that there was more to the horizon which was built in when someone closed their eyes and let their conscious free.  It was, in effect, the perfect level where the soul could shed its body and flow out and to touch upon each and every part of the chosen path.

The above idea is not only believed by one country but is one which has caused much intervention from theorists and philosophers.  The struggle to find the exact nature and reason for dreams, whether it be a hidden element of the psyche, an ability to instinctively feel or incidentally and strategically set out a surreal surrounding for more mundane occurrences which have taken root in our physical interactions… it is a battle to which many scientist experiment, doctors have looked into and psychiatrists have probed.  

It is not only humans who dream.  Animals such as monkeys, rats and shrews have all been recorded to engage in R E M but the Opossum is amongst one of the few who has the most prolific dreams.  Elephants, dogs and cats also join other ranges of mammals and reptiles who view visions and thoughts whilst asleep, it is usual to witness such nocturnal activity alongside the sleeping running – or movement of legs and forelegs as if the individual is physically chasing a bone or trying to dig.  This cute image is one which hides a more invasive thought regarding the baisis for such dreams and if it is just memory laced or soulful and panning out latent desires or aims.

The spiritual heart is embedded with dreams, as it rests with a person’s alpha and beta conditions of consciousness.  When attempting to try divination, automatic writing which is a spiritual led method for noting messages, or even trance it is impossible to practice such spiritual activities without dropping to a lower form of awareness.  The almost dream like being for mediums can be likened to a sleep mode and it is during such moments that spirit can draw closest. 

You may have heard of visionaries in the past or Medieval ages and through their dreams or the analysis of them predictions have come to fruition.  Dreams and the role which is felt as a result of them are curious but also hold a key to further comprehension about the soul and the brain functions and methods for taking in data during these restful phases.  Children can exhibit the most heart stopping and unfathomable type of dreaming.  There have been known cases which have shown children to be seen instantaneously sitting bolt up in the middle of sleep and talking or smiling in clear conversations with others whilst supposedly not aware of anything else.  This area of study has brought on much conclusion as to when this behaviour is most probable to show in these child patients of sleeping studies but they have no answers as to why or how such involved and immersing relationship scenarios seemingly start in this fashion. Phenomon in sleeping can come to rapid conclusions through scientific research but the true point from which such a variety of individual physical outbursts, feelings and visionary accounts begin is highly debated and spiritually the reams of physical and viewed evidence suggestively intimates that there is more to the act of sleep than just a closing of the door to the day’s happenings.

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  1. Chaiene says:

    Hey Martha- I think that it depends on what you are draimeng about. Sometimes I dream about things that I thought about or read before I went to sleep. Then, other dreams seem so real that I am confused when I wake up as to whether they actually occurred in my awake state. You know as kids we had the wildest imaginations, then somehow when we grew up we lost a lot of that. I believe that draimeng is sort of an expression of our long forgotten imaginations, fantasies (I’m not talking necessarily sexual!) which we want to carry out in real life, or fantasies we absolutely don’t want to occur. Does that make any sense? Moral of my comment? The brain is definitely an amazing thing. Kristi

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