Crossinig conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 11, 2018

Perception of what is around us, what we can do and of people who we meet is so very important.  It is not only these impressions that can help us to make decisions but they can be used for further interpretations about our judgements and subsequent opinions.

It is easy for everybody to make snap decisions on people because of our very first impressions of them.  Unfortunately if these quick thoughts are based on aesthetics and how someone appears then so much can be misjudged.  Working with spirits is often so enlightening because no judgements are made on who someone is based on their outside image.  People are talked about or referred to because of the relationships they have had with a spirit and for what they represent and mean to them.

Ability is not something that is always or usually shown in our appearance or how we might seem to everybody else.  If people look at someone because of a certain attribute or physical impression then the assumptions of them can be quite wrong.  It is important to withhold impressions of situations and indeed people, because getting the right idea about someone could be extremely significant as to how you could feel about them and what you might be able to learn or teach to each other.

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