Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 9, 2015

Questions can be a part of the grieving process.  When someone loses someone to a passing there can be a lot of things left unsaid.  Important questions about what has happened, how something could have happened and where a loved one has gone can all be a part of an acceptance of someone’s passing.

Questions are significant because in a reading or demonstrations it is through questions from people to spirit whereupon answers can be given.  A medium should never directly have to ask any questions of the people who intend to talk to spirit but the recipients of a message can ask any questions of spirit.

It is not always a possibility for the person of who is wished for to come through and not all questions can be answered as there has to be a willingness and ability of spirit to do this.  Interestingly there have been many occasions when in a reading or demonstration someone has been able to talk to the exact loved one they intended and questions they put to them have given some extraordinarily validated answers.

Questions are important for the medium and not only the recipients in a reading.  A medium may question information gained in a message from spirit and use questions to clarify what is being said or why.

Do not be fearful of asking questions and putting this to loved ones in spirit.  On asking questions many incidents have shown that people can and do benefit from the answers which are established.

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