Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 15, 2015

Do spirit go on to a life beyond the one we have now?

The question of where spirit go is one which has long intrigued people.  What happens to the spirit after the physical body is lost…  Many cultures have based routine practices and beliefs around their theories on an answer to this question.

As mediums we have to rely on the information and practical examples we see in our work with spirit.  As spirits are the essence of the people we loved in life, all their personality, their energy and who they were is retained but in a different form.  Spirit often refer to where they are in messages, readings or private links to loved ones.  There are many views from spirit about where they are because it does seem as though where someone goes after they pass is dependant on likes, dislikes and where loved ones can meet with each other.

Messages often reference a lovely outside environment with green expanses.  There is a lot of links to colours, to smells and to how their feelings can be at ease where they are.  It does appear from multiple answers given that spirits’ sense of their whereabouts is heightened.  Colours seem brighter, smells more vivid and emotions more strongly felt.

Individual responses on where spirits are can vary but the common link is there will be somewhere people feel at ease.

Freedom is important and links with most messages from spirit about how they feel they are able to transcend from one environment to another.  People who have not been well refer to this most often from spirit, as when they pass at the appropriate time they are able to adapt to their new home, they are often full of admiration at how easily they can go from somewhere to another.  Spirits do not have to remain in the one area and there have been a lot of references to being able to be watching over loved ones from where they are.

Can spirit contact me straight after a passing?

There is no time limit on when a spirit of a loved one can come through with a message.  Often it will take a little while after a passing as a spirit has to adjust to their new home in spirit.  There is time needed for someone to get adapted to a new environment and to asses what has happened to them, their life as they know it will be transformed just as is it is for the loved ones they have temporarily and physically left this side of life.

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