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Author: | Posted on: July 1, 2015

The spiritual Rose.

It was that a few years ago, a few days before my birthday I had a message given to me from a Grandfather who has passed to spirit.  In the message there were many links to events and incidents in my life but amongst the information was something special about my birthday to be…the person who was passing on the message from my Grandfather looked up and said Happy Birthday, you’re Grandfather is saying and he is holding out a stunning pink rose for you.

It was a lovely message and specially heart warming as it was noted near to my birthday.  In our garden at home there is no lawn, there is a heavy plastic lining on the ground to stop any protruding weeds from coming through, this cover is laid with pebbles.  On the eve before my birthday I looked out at the garden as my bedroom overlooks it and I recalled the message from my Grandfather about the rose thinking it was a shame that it was not there to see.

On the morning of my birthday it was my Mum’s cries that had me asking what was wrong and to that she replied something had happened in the garden.  I can’t tell you the many things which had ran through my mind, possibilities of what had occurred and nothing prepared me for what I was about to see…

On going out into the garden, right outside the doors to my bedroom, was a tall rose and it was shockingly pink in colour.  I could not understand it at first, and then when I thought about the message I still had difficulty in accepting the rose being there in an area of the garden where nothing should be able to grow and after only one night how could it be there looking so vibrant.

It was a truly lovely indication of love.  Interesting and full of hope the spirit rose as we call it is our little miracle.

Please look at the Photographs below of the Spirit Rose, the rose always seems to bud around or near to my birthday and these are the most recent pictures taken only a few days ago.

picture342 picture345 picture346

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