Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 24, 2015

A physical séance.

You may hear the term physical séance in regard to spirit and here I will define what a séance is.  A séance is a time set period in which particular members will sit to encourage, actively observe and invite spirit activity.  There will often be a collation of members and mediums who sit in a low lit room which has been secured, will not allow anything into or out of the room, will have had all members and items checked prior to the commencing of the séance.

A séance is not scary or frightening, it does sometimes shock or startle members as activity can be sudden or felt in odd ways.  The importance of a séance is in the controllable setting of the activity.  Evidence of spirit can be looked into, noted and members will have an opportunity to discuss what has been seen.

A physical séance has the emphasis on the physical evidence of what has been noted.  Physical activity can be a number of events, incidents or claimed experiences.  It is important for a physical séance to be able to definitively support spirit information with physical action as the interest in such a séance is in the physical identities of spirits.

Historically the séance and physical séance have had an important role in spiritual investigations.  The séance is the objective, notable evidence of what has been an experience of its members and it is necessary for mediums to be sitting as they can be in a position to take a control of occurrences, incidents and the routine of the séance.

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