Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 17, 2015

Life isn’t always what we think it is.

Spirits often talk of their experiences of lives led, they refer to the events, to incidents and to people.  There is often an idea that spirit have a view of life which is somewhat removed from the lives we lead.  Spirits will link to loved ones with references to shared experiences, to how they have lived moments of importance in their lives, to their ideas about how life was going to be and how they not always matched to how things actually were for them.

Life is often about growth.  We live and learn.  Life is about experiences, they shape us, make us and can be felt sometimes break us but these instances are usually things which can help us learn about life, about who we are.  Spirits do refer to these same experience instances and connect with how these shaping moments can do a lot for us in life.  Spirits are individuals who have lived life, who have been through events large and small, it is with their links to people that we sometimes note that there is something to be said for having a perspective on what life is, how it can shock us into experiences which are important.

Historical figures, political individuals and leading public idols have all been noted in spirit.  These spirits do refer to encounters and events that they have lived through and these can be intriguing speeches from a spirit individual which allow for researchable links to be validated.  These spirits can talk about personal experience of events, of how these seconds in life helped them or shocked them into action, above all an understanding is what intrigues me as it is their points of view which aim to give an enlightened approach to looking at why things have occurred.

Life is not always how we think…there is much to be said for aiming to kook at why things occur, to how these events can shape us as people and why spirits refer to the things that they do.  Spirits will talk about life but their understanding of it and this is something which in turn gives us an ability to have a real knowledge of what people can achieve and what life is.

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