Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 20, 2015

Locations of haunted spirits or misunderstood Bumps in the Twilight Hours..

Often we hear people talking about haunted locations or buildings.  There are claims of Britain’s Most Haunted House printed as headliners to articles about haunted locations where activity has been seen or noted in some way.  In these references there will sometimes be links to the words Paranormal or Ghostly…and quickly people will almost expect that any kind of experience, incidents or events can be explained by these Paranormal entities or Ghoulishly Ghostly spirits.

While there are valid claims of reported sightings, incidents and activity, regularly these accounts can be explained by something physical or incidental which has caused them and it is rarely hauntings which can explain the experiences.  There are occasions when individual reports and incidents on site can be difficult to explain, but to validate that the actual location is the source of why these experiences have been noted, there would have to be an investigation into the activity to prove this.

Any unexplained activity can be linked to the easiest of explanations and that is something spiritual or frightening.  We fear what we do not know and there are a lot of people who do not know why something has occurred and so try to rationalise or in some cases explain something to classify it.  In reference phenomena can be a term that includes many different types of occurrence.  There are incidents which can be heard once, twice and then taken to mean something that it is not.  There are explanations which do get overlooked when someone is left to consider what something is in the late hours of the evening, times when creaks can turn into sinister knocks and odd occurrences fill the wake filled hours.  There are buildings where events have occurred and this can sometimes be the cause of people to talk, to imagine and to think…

There are individual references to hauntings which are difficult to explain, and these incidents can be linked to the person or to a location.  Even if a haunted experience is validated that does not mean that there are negative spiritual culprits responsible but it could be mainly one of two experiences of a disassociated entity or residual energy.  In either of these explanations it is important for one to understand the terms and to know that these might not be the only explanation for why something has been noted.  There will be explanation of both of these terms in next week’s inspirational article which can be found on this part of the site.

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