Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 6, 2015

Spirits and pastimes.

Spirits’ occupation, where they occupy if you like and what they do is different to what we have in our everyday.

A spirit’s notion of time is different to that of what is accepted as a minute by minute, hour by hour and their messages often refer to their conceptual link to what is occurring for a loved one.  Spirits inform of what they know is important, their links are often of how this will be relevant for the lives of people they knew in life.

Spirit sometimes refer to events, to incidents that occur for them, to their pastimes and to being able to enjoy links to life that they once had.

Pastimes for spirits do seem to be important as they are the links to who they were when talked of in a message and when practically engaged in spirits have that passion for a pastime which allows them to positively do something they love.

Often people will ask if a loved one in spirit still has a love for something they did in life.  The answer is often yes, spirits do regularly refer to their loves, to what they loved and what they did in life and they have a link to the things which were about them and their lives in spirit.

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