Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 13, 2013

Often we have moments where we want to ask why me, and feel as events have taken over and left us as that one in a million who has to cope with ill fortune.

None of us are born knowing our futures and it is a misunderstanding that mediums or psychics can know everything about one’s past, present or future.  As a medium one is able to see something of those who have passed, spirit who can indicate things personal to a loved one and this will naturally involve events or information from one’s past, something of what they are active in now and if spirit has a purpose to specify a little of the future.

We do not have the power to know everything that is planned for us and there is some positivity in this for if we did then that knowledge could make us a different person.

You can not be sure of what is to shape your future and this itself may sometimes if faced with a difficult problem leave you feeling you are out of control and there is little for you to keep assured of but if you think on the reality of it you can be positive in the fact that same or similar issues are a day to day event for all of us and that is what binds us together.

Around the world there will be others going through the same feelings, questioning and endeavouring to accept or celebrate in what has become a necessity for them and in doing so people from every place on earth will each day join in their human sense of who they are and the place they have in this world.  There is something to be said for not knowing everything, for having chance as a friend because it is this element that allows us to be free in the choices we make, in being who we are and as long as we all have that one definite love of those passed and present we know that we are never alone in what we do.

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