Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: April 15, 2015

Living life is sometimes difficult and watching life in spirit is sometimes not as one may think…

Living life without a loved one can be the difficulty in life that is sometimes too hard to have to live with, it is a sense which can be overwhelming, it can seem too difficult and as if one is left on their own.  Spirit often talk about how they know a loved one is coping with their passing, they link to information about what a loved one has been doing, the questions they have asked and what they have been through.  These types of links can be helpful for a person as they show how even in spirit someone’s sense of support and love is not lost to them.

Spirits talk about life this side.  The people who were a part of someone’s life still live life in the day to day, and spirit who had a loving connection to them still watch their actions, they do sense what they do and they know what life is like.

Often spirits will have a difficult time in a reading if they have to pass on a message about something that has been an experience for a loved one, or about something that is to be, their knowledge is information and not a physical contact, something which can be difficult for both spirits and people this side.  Spirit’s sense of loving is the same and is often heightened so that in informing of something their loving of that individual is also felt both sides.

It is important for spirit to let on to people that they still have a link to them, they are there.

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