Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 11, 2015

Messages from spirits.

Spirits often have links, loves, likes and interests to share with their loved ones, acquaintances and with friends.  It is how these message links are put over that can make it that bit easier to know who is providing the message.

We all have loves in life.  Things we like and things we keep in our heart and often it will be these keepsakes that come out in a reading or a message from a spirit to someone.

Do you recall the day we…

Do you still have that…

Are you still doing…

I still think about…

All these everyday statements are typical of the conversations we have in our daily lives with each other and this is also seen in messages which come out in spirit links to people they know.

The still part of the statements often remind, refer and relate to interests of loved ones, past times which spirits were a part of and like to talk about in an effort to validate their knowledge of life and who they are talking about.

A spirit message is not all that differed from the dialogue of your everyday life with those around you.  Spirits who speak to loved ones do so with the same tone they had in life.

It is in linking to spirits of loved ones and friends that one is able to note how easily one transfers in spirit from this life to the next, when it is the right time for them to do so, how links of loved spirits to people in life still have that same fondness, that element of who they were and are, of that loving sense that is not lost in a physical loss.

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