Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 4, 2015

Often people ask about how spirit of loved ones look, what is their appearance in spirit, do they resemble the physical look they had in life?

Spirit do not seem to age.  In many readings, in private sittings and demonstrations spirits come through with the favoured image of themselves that they had in life.  If they be older, younger or in their mid years, spirit do not always restrict their appearance to an exact age of physical passing in life.

Often grandparents may come through with validated information for someone or a loved one and their appearance may be somewhat younger than when they had passed in life.  Sometimes the appearance of spirits can cause some difficulty in placing them and this is mainly if they choose to link in with a differed age to that which is expected.

There is a general age of 30 which does resonate with a lot of people, it appears to be the age where a lot of people sense they are at ease, they link in with more freely and there are a lot of spirits who do appear with an age of around this time point.

There does not seem to be any restriction of age in spirit.  There may well be a loved one who passed young and comes in with the appearance of their exact physical age, there may be older people who are younger in spirit and so do look young in their spirit appearance.  The look of a loved one in spirit is purely focused on how an individual is able to, or aims to reflect their appearance, the personality and reference of information will be the same but appearance of spirit is not always as one was in life.

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