Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: December 10, 2014

Residual problems.

In life we often have residual problems, or issues that cause us to keep going over what could have happened, we try to live life with an element of having achieved everything that we like to happen and when moments do not go our way it can be distressing.

Spirit do not have those worries.  In words from several spirits, their links to life and loved ones, has on many occasions caused us to reconsider what is at the heart of our problems and how we live our day to day.

Loved ones and friends or people little known in life but who try to link with someone this side refer to life events, to shaping the times in one’s life and the ones to be, their sense of time is different to what we accept as a concept of time and it is that element which lets their sense of what life is be far more accepting and happy.

In talking with spirits of grandparents and their messages to loved ones this side, often their sense of life is full of love and a freed concern from all the smaller points which often halt their loved ones in life.  Live, one spirit said in a message recently, as if you live for the day you have and not the ones to be, live with love for those you know and as if tomorrow is a plan to be not a problem yet to be worked out.  Live with love.

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