Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween and may you have a treat filled all hallows eve.  As you may or may not have heard recently this Sunday past 27th October 2013 saw a storm to hit the UK.

With winds that sped to ninety miles and rain to pour on to the coast and inland much was done to try to protect people’s buildings and whilst warning had been given an impact was felt amongst much of England.

People tried to protect things but on Monday morning a clear up was necessary.  A stormy night had left a lot of harmful occurrences in its wake and with our hearing what was on the way we endeavoured to do as much as we could to ensure the least force of nature was done to us.

We did as much as was plausible but outside we do have a present which was given to us that means a lot and without being able to build anything over it, the plant was left to take the full power of the winds.  Nervous and asking spirit’s help we waited until morning.

On Monday we did sense our heart’s sinking as we saw how much had been done by the blown off doors and wooden strips which had landed in all different locations and we were sure that as we approached the sight we would be confronted with the loss of our little plant which had surprised us all so much by its arrival.

It was a few birthdays past that had seen a message from a grandfather who had passed to spirit offering the pink plant as a symbol of his remembrance and love on my birthday.  That night in a plastic covered spot the same pink shoot had come up over night and in the morning it had been the present which I held dear most.

Beyond just being able to be and come up from a plastic topped piece of ground it was the fact of its colour and timing that had been linked to what spirit had said.  The plant had been a sign of love and memories.

We have seen it bud and more petals have taken and even though it is open to the rain and cold it has never bent or diminished.  So that day as we came to look for it I have to say I silently thought to spirit if that had meant my grandpa was watching over me and his spirit was evident through it as I acknowledged each time I saw it from my bedroom window then please let it be there and not taken and it with each step became clear there was no chance that this could be the reality with so much torn from the earth and seeing that the most hardy shrubs had come up I wanted to cry because I knew that probably its time with us had ended and whilst it had been with me on so numerous an anniversary this year it would not be there and my father’s tone came at the right second as I heard him say Oh look there’s your little blossom and as I looked up it stood without a leaf out of place.

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