Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: November 5, 2014

Have you found your soul mate?

It is a question many ask and to which they do not always know the answer.  Love is something that a great many people try to find or feel they have to have in life.  It is in the love one feels they should have that is the idea of the soul mate principle or the conceptual idea of the Twin Flame.

A Twin Flame as likened to a soul mate is that person who is our match in life.  The Twin Flame would be the linked person in life who is able to know your inner most ambitions of the heart.  The soul mate is there in your perfect partner.

It is interesting that in spirit many people who have passed on do talk of the love they have for the people who were important in their lives.  Love is an important idea as it links so many people in references and occurrences which have been significant to them.

People who have been married, remarried or have had several important relationships often query who they will be with when they pass.  It is in referral from spirit through readings that spirit are not normally alone.  You are met with someone when you pass and these loved figures are people who can be a partner or relative.  It does seem as if a person will find or meet up with that person who they were most linked with in life.  It is that at heart there will be someone, a person who is your match and no matter how many times one has formed an official relationship with someone, that matched person is that someone who will be at your side.

It is interesting that your soul mate or Twin Flame is not always someone who you have met up with in life.  There are spirit who refer to a someone who is with them who they have not had the opportunity to have met in life or who they have only briefly met but have met up with again after their passing.

In each example it is in the pairing of two equals, or two like hearted people that the soul mate principle is found.  One has someone who is right for them and has that love awaited for them when the time is as it should be and their passing allows for them to reunite again.  It is not a romantic base but a factual experience of many spirits who have reported that their passing was met with a loved one and with someone who they felt at one with, this pairing then helps the person to move on spirit side.

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