Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 22, 2014

There have been so many instances when a shared experience will tell of a passing and in several people having the similar sense of that event their connection to it will link them.

When anyone goes through a passing, and more so in that of a younger person there will always be a spirit present to help and often that figure will be noticed in some way and be that through the experience or the event it is in those individual’s senses of what occurs the realisation comes that there is never a person left to move from this side to a next alone.

Spirit know when a loved one is to pass and this might be why it is one of the most significant experiences.  When someone is going to pass often it will be those who surround them who will report sighting, sensing or having an experience which allows them a tie to the individual who is about to leave their physical life.  Many believe it is through having been present at the event that they will be left with realisation and questioning their notions on what has happened.

A medium is the person who is able a visual point more than one would normally use at the time of a passing and many times that same instance where people are left believing that a loved one has gone the spirit of that person is there so close saying Oh my love, you do not know that I am only a breath away from you.

In that moment the medium is left feeling and sensing the significant event.  They will by what they note be that first one to have the experience of spirit as spirit.  Mediums do have a perspective on passing and often it is in relaying a spirit’s message to a loved one which is the most loving and comforting expression of life.  When one is linked to that of a loved one after a passing it is something that offers comfort and aid, it can give evidence of a life which makes that difference to someone and helps them to live with a sense of what a passing means and how their loved one is not all that far from them, it is something which links spirit to life and those they loved, it is often a relief to both sides to have that shared link and it is something a medium would hope all could have.

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