Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: October 8, 2014

Spirit of loved ones still have the same love for people they had a link to in life.

People are often not sure what to think about loved ones who have passed.  There is emotional distress at the physical side of no longer having someone in life and the sadness of feeling as if that person is no longer there to talk to, to be with or to have in those moments when no one else will do.

There can be fear or even difficult feelings felt about why that person had to leave.  All of these feelings have there reasons but spirit who refer to loved ones do so with a link to who they were and how their passing does not detract from who they were or how much they love the important parts of the life they lived.

In living everyone has opportunities, incidental events and loving ties to people who continue to be important links for them in spirit.  A time when loved ones will have had can be talked about and spirit do refer to those points in life when they had their most lovable times, an important event or of things which are going to help their loved ones know that their love is still with them.

Spirit do refer to their lives spirit side and it is with their links to aims, loves and interests that they live in spirit.  People who had an interest in artistic or agriculture pursuits will be seen by a medium with imagery of those same interests around them and spirit refer to their links in life by the people they would like to talk to or have a message for and by the place they lived or knew in life.

Importantly as numbers of spirit have been able to refer to through their images and links to loved ones there is an ability they all have in life to love and live by the moments we have by each other’s side and that is not given up in a passing of a loved one.

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