Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: September 3, 2014

Mediums link spirit information to people.

Often people will believe that spirit will only have messages related to those they loved in life or people who were placed near to them before a passing.

Spirit often have information they would like to have given to someone and in a reading often will refer to people from an earlier time or link to people who do not believe they would have a message from them.

It is spirit individuals who link to who they feel they have to give information to and it is in the passing on of a time or an event that people are aware of individuals in spirit.

There is not a restricted focus on who or when a link can be given from spirit.  People will be at the heart of information and spirit refer to their related link to them and to life events they were a part of and it is with this that spirit prove their life and love for a person or people who were important in life.  It may not be a link from someone you expect or even thought would like to talk to but spirit can link to someone at that right time and when it is needed.

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