Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 28, 2022

As from now on, each week the Crossing Conceptions part of this website will not only contain an inspirational article but a specifically given personal spirit reading. Please do read on for the message or messages included on the latter part of this page.

Meaningful Evidence.

It is always interesting to note something that can be investigated and you would be surprised at how often spirit can relate with items which we use this side of life.

When receiving a message given by a loved one who has passed on, it is of course in itself a lovely link but it is important with any information that it be substantially proven

A message from spirit should always be able pieces of proof which can be acknowledged.  Spirit of relatives will always endeavour to do this, not only to give status of who they were in life but also what they were to the person they want to talk to.  This helps in making it easy to know why the person has come through.

You should never accept any message from spirit which is ambiguous or does leave one contemplating what is trying to be said or by who.

There are times when energies come through and take a few moments to solidly claim who they are but they should always leave some information which without a shadow of a doubt leaves a person understanding who they are or what they want heard.

Spirit Readings.

A young man in his late twenties, who had a cat and two dogs, a love for poetry and a particularly good mind for words, would like to tell his fiancee and maternal grandma that he is doing well. He was always an extrovert and he kept everybody around him busy, but later on as he grew into adulthood he knows that his thoughtfulness and ideas appeared to have altered him slightly. He would have travelled more and he would love for his fiancee to send in or put a plan forward for his finished manuscripts so as something can be done with them. He gives thanks to those people who love him and have helped him.

Until next time I give these messages to you with light and love.

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