Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 30, 2014


Spirit have sentiment and do refer to how they feel for loved ones in life.

Spirit have support for their loved ones and do know of moments in their past and what is to be in their lives.  Their sense of how to aid their loved ones verifies who they were.

There have been readings where people have tried to inform loved ones about events which are to happen and these will be along side a moment from the past and points which will aid the person they are with.

Spirit do not inform of events for a loved one to act differently to how they would do and they only have the interest of their loved one at heart.

In life often we will talk with that individual who can aid us when we need it.  In spirit this is how that person who is suitably placed will be able to give aid.  Spirit will give that message which will often have the information which is needed.

In a reading people can be taken back by spirit who report on what is happening in their lives and they do not realise that their means of supporting is as it would have been when they were with them in life.  Spirit can give the aid that is neede and their love is what links them to each and every perso they love.

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