Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: March 23, 2022

As from now on, each week the Crossing Conceptions part of this website will not only contain an inspirational article but a specifically given personal spirit reading. Please do read on for the message or messages included on the latter part of this page.

Anxious Me?

Many people have a set or preconceived notion of what spirits speaking to them in a reading is like and more often than not there is an anxiousness or fear involved in this kind of uncertain perception.

Rather alike any conversation that you might have had in person with them in life, the same approach can be felt in a message received by a spirit individual in a reading. The medium will be the person who simply passes on the information, links or references from spirit and this can often be in a very comfortable way of message giving.

Questions can be asked, issues can be discussed and validations should be made about who in spirit is speaking and why they have chosen to do so with that particular person. Anxiousness is not something that ever drives spirits because love is often the motive for many a message.

In fact, anxiousness can be a focal point for aid in a message. Individuals in spirit usually can interpret if there is a problem with a family member in terms of emotional wellbeing and they can sometimes, in that same message, provide useful help for them. Guided by love and supported by individuals in spirit, messages can be the instigators for positive, meaningful insights and improvement.

Spirit Readings.

In this message I would like to talk about a lady in her seventies who is in spirit but in life had terrible back problems. She is someone who has a wide circle of friends, loved shopping and lived in the UK capital city. This lady did not go on holiday often, she did a lot of fundraising to help particularly children and an anniversary is coming up for her soon. She was known for her love to talk and to tell a few jokes. She would meet up with friends for a drink on a Saturday in a bar that was near a beautiful park, somewhere she loved to go and sit to think. A therapist in work, she was well trained in techniques to help people think about problems differently and she has won awards for her work. In spirit, she is far more mobile than she was at the very later stage in her life. She is still looking out for and after her dad and supporting several animals.

Until next time I give you my light and love.

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