Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: June 30, 2021

Complexion and Comprehension.

Everybody does it, and not everybody loves it but sure enough with it comes a lot to think about. Do you know to what I am referring? Ageing.

Love it or shy away from it, ageing is a matter for everybody and it is even broached by spirits, as a topic of discussion.

Ageing can be a funny subject because it represents such a lot of emotional and physical contrast and comparison. In age, from childhood we are taught to position ourselves in terms of education, maturity and behaviour. As we grow older, far more emphasis is put into wisdom, experience and social status. It can be difficult to adjust expectations with different notions of what all these largely influential concepts mean and in many cases, ageing can be totally baffling.

Interesting, astounding and even inspirational ageing should be a matter for positive appreciation, because it represents such a lot of motivation and meaning.

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