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Author: | Posted on: September 9, 2020

Colour Therapy.

Do you know that colours have been found to have many positive attributes and can be implemented as a means of healing for both the body and mind.

Colours have a significant sense of value which expands not solely in the areas of healing but in practical meditation and techniques for cleansing.

Having a well informed and good basis of information surrounding colours can help to instruct in meditation, aid in visual techniques of relaxation and in bringing peace and happiness around you.


Green is a tone which is for growth, it is the colour of grass, most close linked to nature and can be used to help lift depression but specifically seen when one wants to improve or mature.

Blue is a good colour for healing. The light seems best to use in calming if practiced in a healing and applied when it helps to cover and cool on areas which are stressed or tense.

Purple is historically noted for its roots to nobility. In spiritualism purple is a strong colour and usually aids in a more physical association of action and activity.

White is a colour easily most well positioned when one would like to cleanse, freshen or even help invite peace into the home. Seeing white with the third eye or mentally working through a meditation with white gives a strength, the aid of spirit and presents safe elements with blessed, peace and sources of assured wellbeing that can come together and boost an environment.

Understanding colours and the associated properties can be a useful base from which to develop further and benefit from a form of colour therapy.

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