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Author: | Posted on: August 5, 2020

Chakras and the Associated Meanings.

The chakras are the energy points which are at located particular points on our body.

Chakra points.

No. 1  point is at crown of head; this helps to control the Pineal gland and is the focal point for the brain and nerve system.

No. 2 point is in the middle to the two eyes and is called the Brow chakra; or The Third Eye Chakra and it is located in the middle of the forehead, it does correspond with the Pituitary gland and it is in assistance of the forehead, temples and carotid systems.

No. 3 Throat Chakra, this point is at the base of the throat, it helps with the Thyroid gland and with the throat, neck, brachial and breathing.

No. 4 point is the heart Chakra, this is located in chest, it helps with Thymus gland; and it helps with heart, lungs, cardiac element, circulatory systems and the complete chest area.

No. 5 The Solar Plexus chakra; located half way between the naval and the bottom of breast bone and it relates to Pancreas which is a major power area in control of the stomach, intestines, liver, eyes, skin and muscles.

No. 6 The Sacral chakra or the Spleen chakra and this is located in or nearby the belly button; it controls the Gonads and is in help of the reproductive and lumbar region.

No. 7 The base/root chakra is between the sex organs and anus; it helps with the adrenal glands and is in charge of skeletal issues which includes the teeth, spinal cord, bladder, lymph glands, sciatic, the sense of smell, legs, feet and ankles.

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