Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 28, 2014

Spirit of those who were around us do have concerns about their loved ones and from spirit will make attempt in finding their own means of having a part in our lives.

It is through readings often spirit relay how much they feel for their loved ones this side.  With support messages and information on what is happening to who they make connections to their families and friends.

If someone has passed to spirit the physical element of their not being there might be taken to mean they can no longer show signs of who they were but this is not so..

Spirit are the same people you loved and love this side and they have the same aims for life.  Their ability to find out about their link to those in life is more about their aims for those connected in their hearts and they are there for those they love.  When we say spirit we relate to the mothers and young ones and the grand parent who will all too soon after a passing make an appearance for a member of their families.  Their phrasing or particular spoken sayings act as that small reassurance they are doing well.

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