Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 17, 2019

Sightings of Spirits Continued.

Last week I wrote on the subject of spirit sightings. This time I would like to look specifically at the explanations as for why certain types of sightings might have been seen.

Visible Reports of spirit.

If one relies on what one views in films or fictional stories of the more ghostly like spirits then one may easily be led to think that all spirits or anything spiritual is of the white sheet ghoulish variety.

Reports of seen spirit can vary from moments of brief visible first hand experience at a haunted location to actual photographed evidence. There are differences in the forms of sighted evidence, there may be unexplained lights caught on camera or by the naked eye known as Orbs or there could even be partial to full form physical apparition.

Materialisation is a term used to report a sighted physical form of spirit, and this is usually an identifiable figure which can be partially to fully seen and can have a visible or a life-like resemblance of someone in life.

Energy is the main form of transition for spirit to visual depiction. It can be that this energy is used in the arena of a physical séance to initiate a physical activity sighting or that a spirit or spirits endeavour to indicate their partial or full form for a particular reason.

It is often the case that spirit sightings are only seen and noted at times of necessity or investigation. Spirits have to use a format that can allow for a sighting and this is usually done on the basis of great love or emotion.

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