Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: May 22, 2019

Furry Heroes.

Animals can in many ways be inspirational, sometimes our eyes, ears or hands, they offer loving loyalty even when we feel alone or at times when we might think that nobody can comprehend how we truly feel.

Recognition of hearts and minds as one: A gentleman, who you may well have heard of in the media, moved to a location in Africa and it was there that he noticed that a herd of elephants were in need of his help.

It was a split second of a decision but a life altering one that saw a solitary man take on the care and nurturing of these elephants, whenever they needed his attention.

A relationship between man and elephants in the wild ensued over many years and the love between them appeared to only grow in strength.  Sadly, the gentleman over time grew ill in health and after a while he passed to spirit.  At the time no one predicted how heavily this would influence the behaviour of those same elephants, that the gentleman had in life, helped.

Having gone out of his way to assist them, it seemed beyond doubt that this man had earned the respect and trust of the herd.  Legacy if ever was there one that could be seen, it was displayed in the breath-taking march of the elephants to the very site where the man had passed away and as if they, each one, had felt his spirit go, they collectively expressed their emotion.  At the time of his passing the elephants in the herd were reported to have bowed their heads.  They seemed to demonstrate their mourning for the loss of the gentleman in a way that many found extremely profound.

It is a recorded fact that subsequently each year, on the anniversary of the very day of the man’s passing, the same herd of elephants would travel across a huge distance to get to the location where the man had lived and it was there that they would gather and in silence mark their sense of feeling of appreciation and grief for him.

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