Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: January 23, 2019


Reassurance in messages given from spirits is an area that can be touched upon in terms of validation and relevance purposes. Time and time again it is the reassurance of a loved one or the words of someone dear to us that can lighten our anguish or help to show that someone is there.

It does not have to be huge evidence, there have been occasions when the smallest but most relevant of phrases of a loved one in spirit to someone this side of life have helped to provide that needed feeling of security at that right time.

Spirits of those we love have a strength of reassurance that never alters. The most important part of any message is the evidence that it can give because it is on that basis that much can be learnt, shown and discussed. Any evidence must be validated by the recipient and relevant for them, but if so, then it can be a means for the insights that matter most and those are the links that can provide heartfelt proof of spirit.

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